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  1. Rodger perdactor says:

    Let the fire take a devilsish twist as roses are red and this is two you just can’t miss. For if hot and steamy was your idea of play. Better leave that simple talk and thinking behind in your boring minds way. This is ah volcanoes new eruption. Where mind over lust is the burning platter. For to indulge in such bodies of a first touch you have to know your Kamar cause sutra is the touch. Where the world goes of shocks to amuesment best believe they be s|n it all so bored with man’s same tempertutcical call. That more grievient t and sastifyinh hunger comes from the same girls way. Cause it was every man’s dream since birth to have a kaotic three way. But every man’s dreams couldn’t fullfill the cup for sex is not a game. It’s away of life pleasureing conquoer the opposite sex far far away. So welcome to the volcanoes double duchess of a goddess and queens whisper if you dare but to not complete the task of two means ur life will be devoured for they say life is a risk and sex is a drug addicting like personal want. For to consume is the way of life. Everyone wanna rule. While everyone wanna be the biggest. And the first. While they have the same demaenaor for a vivanoes erptio. Will rule all I. It sparh and be the first to touch it. Well it sure will be your last

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