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  1. Kaoticblunt23 says:

    Hey sorry thought I let you know my real name is kaoticblunt23 I’m from new Braunfels tx. I’m 34 and a in the process divorced father of grown two. I’m 5,9 180 in good shape. Ive been writing since I was young and drawing but never finished school so my Grammer is of my Grammer and my ways yes I learn and read alot but I find it that’s to be your own you have to not follow what is taught all the time. Something like JC and his remarkable photography and the way he has all the hottest women in the world wamtrknf to be shot by him that is a gift and every man dream. Unfortunately my dam mind and eyes still applaud all women for recognition of thier bodies the art of it. Out of respect. But I for some reason find this one remarkable Gwen u are truely the one in the world. No other can match or defeat you you and that’s outta respect. I’m not a stalker either for I never even seen ur profile or know nothing about u but these photos and what I write when I see them. But I was curious of ur ethincity well to both the shooter and star. Jobs well down yalm give the world entertainment. I hope you meet one that see your for your beauty but better yet for who I are behind the camera. That’s the lenses true find
    Take care and God bless to both may y’all be safe while this coronous is taking and shattering innocent lives.
    Siempre ariba
    Nunca abajo

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