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  1. stephan kocher says:

    Why woman always flee me? Some aristocrat is afrayd of too good and heartfull influence from me in the soziety? A man is a man. A woman is a woman. One can not replace them. What with a woman is possibel in 10 seconds can take a year with a man and it will be too late. What is possibel with a certain man, is not possibel with a woman or even with anybody else. Sadhguru is sadhguru, you can not replace. socrates is socrates, you can not replace. Same with Beethoven Chopin Albinoni…The wise Sarah called men to com to fuck on the graveyard. ( Sex & Death are maried) Then men stars thinking over it. Where the inner light is bright there to go is right. It is not a woman instead of a man. It is just right or not. But for true sometimes a 5 year old child would be better. She holds my hand and 100 are not killed in another land. The childs compassion is still unpolluted

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