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  1. Kaoticblunt23 says:

    Wow I found my final one. I can look on no more. U are a work of art as well in a different class u sir alone and at the top of ur caragory and defintaly are a number one. Very appealing and nice body that is not of a models height but more down to earth with the rest of us but ur glow is as tall as any u are right at the top
    With Gwen still at queens bay
    #1gwen swinger
    #1.2 elena romanova
    #1.3ana Cheri
    #1.4 sierra Skye
    I should have 10 number ones since there are so many and all are of beauty at number ones. Then go to two. Might do that but that top four will remain the same no matter what locked a for life sealed much congrats to talk women and y’all’s hard work and all y’all have to out up being a sex goddess. And how men maght over look y’all are still women and to respect first above [he see u in ur work outfits.

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