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  1. you came to say hallo
    I share invisibly my love.

    for discussion in town with men bored of life is ANTILOVE-EXERCISE
    small song I made with a DUCK

  2. A stony way, so far away, from towny stay
    as a boy I went in the forest to cry
    The trees never pushed me away

    Some years ago I had a love-affair with a rock
    Since then, when I fall, stones are on my side
    Once in Italy I had a shock
    The stones heped wihout pride.
    Once I sayd to a woman, that one can do promenade in nature, to learn from her wisdom. She say: Yes, yes, this is possibel, and left me, and I left her too, but forever. How ungratefull to refuse a promenade this way.—- look, video, a man made suicide, easy to prevent, but the same, I sayd it to 3 men, and tehy went away. Alone I cry, but such tears lead to treasures, and whe I speak from tehm: Shut up with your silly imaginations. So I stay alone at home and evlopp very unconventionell healing methods By e

  3. stephan kocher says:

    Church sees in you only dirty sinners. It is very important that the so called “higher etic people” do not look down at you, but integrate you in the soziety. Teh sin-condemnation makes only trouble and helps nothing. The world should be a concert and not a competition

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