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  1. stephan kocher says:

    Seeing you, I feel, I hope, there must be still something harmonious on earth, and if there is nothing more to be found on earth, that could be called harmonious, then certainly what your body expresses, is harmonious. So the same for some other woman. The silent interaction with men is mostly dstructive to me, and makes my body tens and full of pains, for they have nothing of your bodys deep heartrich effortless wisdom, that does neven want to be superieour. So it would be a great help for me, if you would sit, even silently somewhere closeby to me. So after a while I could share with you most prescious, or say I will prepare for you, because in this moment it could not be realised, for it needs a deep harmony with the source of life itself, which is named usually differntly, as you very weel know. In writing this I am full of heartrichest compassion for you, which up to now I never was able to express, for the more prescious the more beuatiful, the less possibel it is just to express, it needs certain circumstances, the right atmosphere to happen, for you. It is not a onesided Intimacy but a fullsided one, with all colors.

  2. stephan kocher says:


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