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  1. Please allow me to say this. I fact I like mor before speaking HEART-MELTING then understanding is much better. But now I say it: It is all beautiful, but too beautifull is not for every man the best, for the imagination only grow more and more and with this his destructiveness more and more. Flor me it is godd, for I have killed all Illusions or almost all. But dressed like this, going to man is dangerous. If his name was Billy soon his name will be SILLY BILLY. And you get a hammer. It enlslaves mans mind, makes it smaller, makes the compassion disappear, and love shrink. Do not blame me for this. you may come to me and then we harmonize all. And men will no more take you as a Dolll to be used and thrown https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKHbEreBFR7/

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